June 2015 | Issue 21

Rick Neuman: Sharp turn into data

rick-neumanRick Neuman, BCom ’05, started at the DeGroote School of Business thinking he would end up in the world of finance, but after his third year internship at State Street Bank, his career path took a sharp turn. “I realized that I needed to be in a creative environment and that finance was not for me.”

MARS Apprentice … was an opportunity for me to try before I buy, to see if I would be successful in marketing and it got me hooked. I knew that I needed to find a career in marketing.

Neuman filled his academic calendar with entrepreneurship, marketing and humanities. It was the marketing courses that sparked his interest and he applied to participate in the first MARS Apprentice competition. “MARS Apprentice was so important. It was the first year of the competition and it really shaped the course of my life. It was an opportunity for me to try before I buy, to see if I would be successful in marketing and it got me hooked. I knew that I needed to find a career in marketing.”

After winning MARS Apprentice, Neuman secured an internship with Jan Kelley Marketing. “I learned customer service and how to be a good customer. That has proved useful to me even today.” With the shift of technology becoming more prevalent in the workplace, he saw an opportunity for himself to take his marketing experience and merge it with his obsession with computers. “I was a computer geek my entire life and made the plea in a cover letter to Canadian Tire to take a chance on me,” he shares. more…


Deans’ Column – June 2015

Leonard Waverman | Dean, DeGroote School of Business

473r-leonard-waverman-2012_ppThis is a special edition of the Knowledge Magazine focused on all things “digital”. Our strategic plan very clearly states our commitment to curriculum, research, and programming focused on digital innovation and transformation and we are already making progress. Our new EMBA in Digital Transformation, in partnership with TheScore, CIBC, SAS, and IBM, is developing quickly and we look forward to our first cohort beginning in the spring of 2016.

Related to the EMBA is the upcoming Digital Leadership Summit, presented in partnership with SAS. This half-day intensive conference, moderated by the CBC’s Nora Young, bring industry leaders and academics together to discuss the issues facing Canada’s business leaders in this digital economy. I am also very pleased to be the opening keynote speaker at the CDO Summit in Toronto this week.

In this special edition of the Knowledge Magazine you will find articles from alumni, faculty, and friends of the DeGroote School of Business that highlight our commitment to digital and the skills gap that we are committed to closing.

I hope you enjoy the warm summer months as the Knowledge Magazine takes a brief hiatus, returning in mid-August with a preview of our fall program.



Technology spillovers and corporate cash holdings

Jiaping Qiu | Professor, Finance and Business Economics

applevssamsungInnovation in technology is important for firms to achieve a competitive advantage and experience growth in productivity. Technology spillover refers to the benefit of new technology on productivity and innovation to other firms. Technology spillover allows rival companies to acquire technology at a lower cost than inventing their own, which can improve productivity and prompt further innovation. At the same time, innovation can threaten the product market as it strengthens the innovator’s competitive advantages and changes market share. It is important for firms to keep a liquid balance sheet in order to compete, which allows the firm to benefit from technology spillover and react accordingly to competition. more…


In Practice

What’s the big deal about big data?

Milena Head | Professor, Information Systems

big-dataEveryone is talking about big data. Whether you are a corporate leader, entrepreneur, researcher or educator, you have likely heard someone say recently: “we should really look into how big data and data analytics can help us.” But what does it really mean and what makes it a big deal? Simply put, big data (and the technologies that surround it) means big impact, big challenges and big opportunities.

Big Impact: The word “big” implies “lots”. But it’s not just volume that defines data as being big. It is also very diverse and can be highly unstructured. Think about the vast amount of data that is generated every minute around the world just through social media. The key is to uncover the insights that lay within. Done well, these insights can result in big competitive impact and transform the way you make decisions and run your business.

Big data: The link between innovation and industry lies in knowledge transfer

Leah Rosenthal | Advancement Officer

online-shoppingMark Morreale knows a thing or two about data. Morreale is an Academic Program Manager at SAS Canada, and works alongside academics and students to help them teach, research and learn with analytics. The end goal is helping them become part of an evidence based and data driven world.

SAS, a leader in business analytics software and services, is committed to educating the worlds Data Scientists for the global data driven economy and works with schools across Canada and the world to address the lack of deep analytical skills. Morreale’s role focuses on that commitment, enabling the true value in data analytics from an academic standpoint in Canada.

“Helping McMaster, executives and students understand the analytics world and its growing demand is an area of focus at SAS.” Morreale steps in to help develop programs, partner on research ventures, and assist on data management techniques.

Top 5 tips for digital media buying

Jordan Whelan | B.Com. ’08

jordan-whelanJordan Whelan, BCom ’08, is an entrepreneur who serves as president of Media Buying and Strategy Company, Grey Smoke Media. His latest e-commerce venture, Framestr allows users to get paid cash for sharing products among friends. Here he shares his top three tips on media buying.

1. Work around your Goal

What do you hope to achieve? Sign-ups, sales, clicks, engagement on social media? Once you’ve decided your cost per action, pick a minimum of five platforms to compare. more…

Getting Out

MBA Ring Ceremony and Alumni Networking Reception

Toronto, Ontario

MBA Legacy RingsPlease join us to celebrate the MBA ’15 class as they are “alumni bound”!

We will distributing the MBA legacy rings to students and alumni who have placed an order over the past year, and provide the opportunity for our MBA alumni to network and share their DeGroote connection. Event details…

Digital Leadership Summit

Toronto, Ontario

This half-day event promises provocative discussions with industry and academic experts on the rapidly changing digital landscape and what this change means for traditional models of strategy and leadership.



MBA Ring Ceremony and Alumni Networking Reception

Jun. 4, 2015 | 6 p.m.

Please join us to celebrate the MBA ’15 class as they are “alumni bound”! | The National Club, Bay Street, Toronto, ON

Digital Leadership Summit

Jun. 16, 2015 | 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. The DeGroote School of Business, in partnership with SAS Canada, is pleased to announce the first annual Digital Leadership Summit in Toronto for executives, managers and board directors seeking to understand the implications of digital transformation on their organization’s future success and profitability.| Arcadian Loft, 401 Bay St. Toronto

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