March 2015 | Issue 18

Gino Scapillati: Inspire and flourish

clicking this image expands the picture to full screen When Gino Scapillati, B.Com. ’81 was a teenager, he hated to write. The written word was not his strength – he was a classic ‘numbers guy,’ a top math student, which is what led him into accounting.

It was a splendid career choice. His numerate skills were the base for his rise to the top of his profession – today, as vice-chair of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Canada and as a member of the global governance board of the vast PwC professional-services network.

Now that he is an international business leader, he recognizes an intriguing irony. While his life was once dominated by numbers, “all I do now is write and present. It is very interesting: I learned how to capture thoughts and ideas with fewer words and I always come at it from the readers’ perspective.”

Call it the education of Gino Scapillati. Learning to listen, persuade and inspire is part of the necessary arsenal of successful leaders. These are strengths Scapillati learned to master since growing up in Welland, Ont., and going on to be a commerce graduate at McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business.

His relentless drive towards growth and self-improvement – which continues today at age 56 – goes a long way in explaining why he is being honoured by the DeGroote School with this year’s Wayne C. Fox Distinguished Alumni Award. more…

Deans’ Column – March 2015

Naresh Agarwal | Acting Dean, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research

clicking this image expands the picture to full screenThe university campus is buzzing with activity again after a week of relative calm while students enjoyed a well-earned winter break – also known as reading week. It is difficult to believe that we are already half-way through another academic term!

This issue of the Knowledge Magazine brings you important research in the community, alumni accolades, and an Olympian’s top three tips on pursuing risky ventures.

Isik Zeytinoglu is continuing her research interest the working condition of community personal support workers (PSWs). Today, Isik and her team kick off a research project, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and several unions and professional associations, that will, for the first time, provide baseline data on the unregulated PSW sector.

Olympic rower and DeGroote graduate Jeremiah Brown recently spoke at the 36th Annual McMaster World Congress. Here he shares his top three tips for pursuing risky ventures. In Jeremiah’s case, the risky venture was to leave a career in commercial banking and commit to sports full-time, but his advice is relevant to any situation where a new pursuit is being considered.

Finally, I am very pleased to announce that Gino Scapillati (B.Com. ’81) has been named as the recipient of the Wayne C. Fox Distinguished Alumni award for 2015. Gino joins an impressive list of prior recipients including Paul Allison, Mossadiq Umedaly, and Rob Burgess. This month’s Knowledge Magazine contains a profile of Gino penned by our Business Writer-in-Residence, Gordon Pitts. He will be honoured on April 30 at our 16th annual Evening of Accolades dinner being held at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Toronto.

I hope you enjoy this monthly glimpse into the “Knowledge Network” at the DeGroote School of Business and I encourage you to visit the website often as new articles are published each week.


Keeping community based PSWs safe in the workplace

Leah Rosenthal | Advancement Officer

clicking this image expands the picture to full screenCommunity-based personal support workers (PSWs) have a unique work environment. They work in, and travel between, client’s homes. They are exposed to hazardous working conditions such as lifting and transferring of clients, violence from clients or their family members, communicable diseases, traffic accidents, and unsafe work environments. Their work environment lacks many of the safety specifications found in institution settings thus placing them at risk.

A collaborative research team comprised of McMaster University researchers, a gerontologist, a health care association executive, and a health and safety specialist are now working to provide data to increase the knowledge on occupational health and safety for community based PSWs. more…

In Practice

Top 3 Tips: Pursuing risky ventures

Jeremiah Brown | B.Com. ’07

jb-poster, clicking this image expands the picture to full screenI often frame my Olympic journey as an entrepreneurial endeavour. I started learning how to row in 2009 and won an Olympic silver medal in 2012. There were many unexpected turns in my journey to winning an Olympic medal. Here are my top three tips for pursuing risky ventures:

1. Have a back up plan.

While learning how to row, I began a career as an analyst in commercial banking. In start-up terms, I was working a day job while testing my concept: the possibility of becoming a world-class rower. ‘Going for it’ does not mean pursuing an idea at the expense of all other and current opportunities. Reckless pursuit of an unproven idea is one reason why so many new small businesses fail. By the time I left the bank to train full time in 2011, I had established a skill set in banking I knew I could come back to if rowing didn’t work out and I’d established that I had real Olympic potential. When I experienced the emotional lows on the roller coaster ride of transforming myself into an Olympic medal contender, I could rest assured that failure was not the end of the world. I had a job I could go back to. more…

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Getting Out

Leveraged ETFs: Pricing efficiency, tracking errors, and trading strategies

Toronto, Ontario

miu-charapat-th, clicking this image expands the picture to full screenIn this seminar, leveraged ETFs, their pricing efficiency and tracking errors will be discussed, together with a short introduction on strategies involved in their trading. This event is part of the Knowledge @ DeGroote seminar series. Event details…

Teal McAteer: Linking How You Think to How You Lead

Burlington, Ontario

This highly participative session focuses on understanding and adjusting the connection between how you think and an assortment of effective and ineffective leader behaviours.

teal-thum, clicking this image expands the picture to full screen

This event is part of the Knowledge @ DeGroote seminar series. Event details…



Leveraged ETFs: Pricing efficiency, tracking errors, and trading strategies

Mar. 5, 2015 | 5 – 7 p.m. The pricing efficiency and tracking errors of ETFs will be discussed, together with a short introduction on strategies involved in their trading.| The National Club, Bar Lounge, Toronto


Linking How You Think to How You Lead

Mar. 27, 2015 | 7:30 – 9 a.m. A Knowledge @ DeGroote event with Teal McAteer, Associate Professor, Human Resources and Management, DeGroote School of Business | Ron Joyce Centre, Great Hall, 4350 South Service Road, Burlington


An Evening of Accolades

Apr. 30, 2015 | 6 – 10 p.m. DeGroote Evening of Accolades featuring the 16th annual Wayne C. Fox Distinguished Alumni Award. | Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto, 325 Bay Street, Toronto

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