March 2016 | Issue 29

Michael Latimer, BCom ’76: Distinguished Alumni Award winner

Latimer-2016Michael Latimer was the first member of his family to attend university.

With a gleam in his eye and a fresh diploma from Toronto’s Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute tucked into his suitcase, he departed for Hamilton in the fall of 1972 – eager to embrace the intellectual freedom and boundless opportunity of academia. Studying at McMaster provided the opportunity to create options, to open doors. As Latimer explains, he was determined to make the most of it.

In May, the OMERS President and CEO will receive the prestigious Wayne C. Fox Distinguished Alumni Award during the DeGroote School of Business’ annual Evening of Accolades. It’s a feat not lost on the decidedly humble family man.

Latimer, who earned a BA from McMaster in 1976, has spent the past four decades carving out a reputation as one of Canada’s leading investment strategists. No slouch on the world stage, he’s been recognized as one of the most globally-influential asset owners by Chief Investment Officer twice in the past four years. During his time as OMERS’ Chief Investment Officer, Latimer oversaw the strategic, operational and financial leadership of the company’s investment activities.

In his latest role at OMERS – held since April 2014 – he is responsible for the overall leadership and performance of the enterprise including pension administration, investment activities and the execution of its strategic plan. As CEO, his focus is on ensuring OMERS’ 461,000 active and retired members have secure and sustainable defined benefit pensions.more…


In Practice

Top 3 Tips for leading authentically

Clare Beckton, Executive Director, Centre for Women in Politics and Public Leadership

mountain-climbingLeadership is key in today’s complex and challenging world. Command and control models of leadership are not effective in achieving results in any sector. Leaders who can empower others and bring out the best in multi-generational and multicultural workplaces will be the leaders of today and tomorrow. Becoming an authentic leader requires introspection and self-awareness and a desire to achieve a purpose.

Here are my Top 3 Tips to lead authentically and increase your power to affect positive results:

1. Understand your values

Reflect on your Top 5 values and why these values are important to you. Can you see where each of those values will help you advance your leadership? Equally important is to live those values in your life both at home and at work so you are recognized as a leader with values. In other words you need to align your words and actions to build trust. Seek feedback because it is important to verify that others see you as living your values. more…

‘Beyond the Basics’ with Local Small Business Owners

Andrew Baulcomb, Advancement Officer

over-my-headRunning a small business is a challenging venture. Owners must brace for long hours, lack of sleep, and the inevitable “I’m in over my head” moment.

With passion and a solid plan, operations can grow and thrive. But when it’s time to take things to another level, finding proper instruction can prove difficult.

That’s where DeGroote’s Beyond the Basics for Small Business program comes into play.

A joint venture of Executive Education and the Burlington Economic Development Corporation (BEDC), the program will cover four key topics – Governance, Succession Planning, Risk Management and Talent Management. more…


What the Goodwill closure means for nonprofit recycling

Raymond B. Chiu, Doctoral Candidate

GoodwillThe sudden closure of Goodwill in Toronto and surrounding areas came as a shock to many who see the 80-year-old charity as the quintessential symbol of giving help to the poor. News of the closure has reminded us that even the sale of that used plaid shirt or copper pot can come under the same market forces that all retailers face — in this case, with more strings attached.

According to CEO Keiko Nakamura, this branch of Goodwill has been faced with low margins, decreases in donations, and declining revenues. Five years ago, auditors had raised concern about Goodwill’s ability to remain sustainable, at a time when they had just sold their last real estate asset and cut staffing to improve cash flow. The real reasons for their closure, however, are more complicated.  more…

Getting Out

Are you good enough? How our mindset can hold us back

Burlington, Ontario

inner-voiceWomen are in a societal position to leverage opportunities and achieve success as leaders and entrepreneurs – and the world needs us now more than ever to create a positive influence. While there are many challenges on our path as leaders, our biggest is often our own inner critic and judge. A DeGroote Women’s Professional Network (DWPN) event featuring Amy Hunter Vodarek on the value of your mindset. Event details…

Commodities and Economies: the Canadian and Global Outlook

Toronto, Ontario

commoditiesThe recent weakness of the Canadian dollar and the plummeting price of oil have highlighted the correlation of Canada’s economy to the commodities sector. Industry experts come together for an insightful and frank discussion on the global energy sector and the Canadian economy.  Event details…


Knowledge@DeGroote featured on Cogeco’s Halton Insider

Halton Insider from CogecoTV featured this week’s Knowledge @ DeGroote event, Mental Health: Everyone’s Business. more…


Commodities and Economies: the Canadian and Global Outlook

Mar 30, 2016 | 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

A Knowledge @ DeGroote Seminar. The National Club, 303 Bay Street, Toronto

Hidden Profits

Apr 5, 2016 | 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

A Knowledge @ DeGroote Seminar. Ron Joyce Centre, 4350 South Service Road, Burlington

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