Frequently Asked Questions

Across all program areas and in all courses, thoughtful changes have been made to reflect our current environment and the challenges our community faces. Through all of this DeGroote’s goal has been singular: complete the term with the same high academic standards and rich learning experiences our community has come to expect from us.

Here are a few of the questions DeGroote students have asked:

How can I book an appointment with Student Experience?
The Student Experience team is working hard to best support you during this time of change. You can connect with us by:

Best practice: Please send all emails from your McMaster email address and include your program details, your full name and student number. Subject Line details of your ask are also helpful. You can expect a reply normally within two business days.

Questions about Academics

When will I know what’s happening with my classes?
Winter term course details and exam information was shared with registered students on Wednesday, March 18. Information regarding your courses for the rest of this term can be found on Avenue to Learn.

What happens with missed academic work?

Can I still request a late course withdrawal?

  • BCom: Refer to the Office of the Registrar’s FAQ for more information about course withdrawal.
  • MBA: The final day to withdraw from a course has passed. Please reach out to an Academic Advisor if you have any questions.

I have questions about due dates, deadlines and other academic concerns. Where do I go for answers?
Specific questions about your course, including evaluation and exams, can be found on Avenue to Learn. To book a virtual appointment with an Academic Advisor, please login to OSCARplus.

Questions about Career and Professional Development

Will I be able to complete my career development course (COMMERCE 2IN0 or MFIN 610) this term?
Yes. The remainder of your career development course content will be delivered virtually. Please see your course shell in Avenue to Learn for full details.

I am currently out on a co-op work term or internship. Am I able to continue working?
Yes. All domestic co-op work terms and internships are proceeding as planned. Should you have specific questions related to your co-op work term or internship, please contact a Relationship Manager and they will support you with your questions.

What happens if my employer ends my co-op work term or internship early because of COVID-19?
Should your position be ended early by your company because of COVID-19, please contact your Relationship Manager and they will support you through the process. Please know that there will be no academic penalty for early termination due to the COVID-19 situation.

My co-op or internship employer is permitting or requesting that I work remotely from home. What should I do?
If your company requests you to work remotely from home because of COVID-19, we ask you to advise your Relationship Manager of this work location change. Your Relationship Manager will share home safety procedures and update your work term record. We support and encourage all our stakeholders to engage in social distancing.

Is summer and new grad job search still happening?
The career team continues to support all campus recruitment activities including job postings, interview scheduling, and employer information sessions. At this time, McMaster has postponed all discretionary events on and off campus until the end of April. As such, we are proceeding with hosting virtual recruitment or networking events only. Please continue to check the OSCARplus job boards regularly for new opportunities.

Is summer co-op or internship still happening?
Yes – our co-op and internship recruitment cycles continue as normal. Given the current circumstances we are likely to see a decrease in hiring activity. All interviews will be virtual until the end of April.

What if I don’t secure my summer co-op work term or internship?
By pushing our typical start date to June 1, we are hopeful that the next 10 weeks will provide as many students as possible with the opportunity to secure their work terms. The faculty continues to explore options that would permit students to fulfill their academic requirements.

I have secured my co-op work term or internship for Summer 2020. Do I still have this role?
Secured positions are confirmed unless you are notified otherwise by our office and/or your employer.

Will I be able to start work in May?
Current winter term in-person class suspensions have not affected terms dates. Students will complete all course requirements by April 30. Your available start date will not be impacted.

Do I have to start my summer co-op or internship on May 4?
We are approving all co-op and internship summer terms to start anytime up until June 1. If you have already secured, any change to your start date will be communicated by your employer and/or the CPD team.

Will I still be able to do co-op work terms or internships abroad?
At this time, we will not be able to approve any international co-op work terms or internships through our MBA Co-op, Commerce Internship or eHealth Programs.

Questions about the DeGroote Community

What’s open? What’s closed?
The Ron Joyce Centre is open, but with reduced hours (Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm). There is no café service at this time. To find out what’s open at main campus visit McMaster’s COVID-19 FAQ.

Is the DeGroote shuttle bus running?
Effective March 19, the DeGroote shuttle bus schedules (both main campus and Appleby GO) have been significantly reduced. The schedule is updated regularly on the DeGroote Shuttle Schedule website.

More Questions?

Refer to McMaster’s COVID-19 FAQ and the Office of the Registrar FAQ for answers to questions about:

  • Final exams
  • Registering for Spring and Summer 2020 terms
  • Graduation and Convocation

For the most recent developments, please go to McMaster’s Updates page.

DeGroote is deeply committed to supporting our community during the rapid changes taking place worldwide due to COVID-19. These frequently asked questions are specific to DeGroote students. We will continue to update FAQs as needed.

Updated: March 31, 2020