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August 16, 2023

In The News: Does Lower Trust In The Workplace Lead To Lower Productivity?

Professor Erin Reid discusses the relationship between trust and productivity in the workplace with the Human Resources Director.

January 6, 2023

In the News: Working in isolation can pose mental health challenges – here’s what anyone can learn from how gig workers have adapted

Erin Reid co-authors this article that looks at some of the challenges of working in isolation, and practical advice on how to address them.

A woman "quietly quitting" her job.
September 13, 2022

In the News: The term ‘quiet quitting’ is worse than nonsense

The research by Human Resources & Management Professor Erin Reid is featured in this Financial Times article on quiet quitting.

November 26, 2021

In the News: Erin Reid on How the Gig Economy Could Change the Rules of Work Forever

Associate Professor Erin Reid discusses how the varied and robust gig labour force could spur changes and improvements for gig workers.

October 28, 2021

Knowledge Labs: Salary, Transparency, and How We Place Value on Ourselves

In the latest In the Know, Erin Reid, Associate Professor, discusses how greater salary transparency can lead to a more equitable workplace.

Food delivery couriers congregate in Turin, Italy. (Shutterstock)
August 12, 2021

Six challenges of being a gig worker during the COVID-19 pandemic

Erin Reid and researchers talk about the challenges gig workers face and what resources are available to help them.

online curation media concept
March 24, 2021

Journalism jobs are precarious, financially insecure and require family support

Erin Reid and Farnaz Ghaedipour study how people in precarious employment handle the day-to-day demands of their work.

Mohit Verma
June 9, 2020

Leading the way: Meet DeGroote valedictorian Mohit Verma

Meet Mohit Verma, the 2020 valedictorian for the DeGroote School of Business, who is leading the way in business.

Jiaping Qiu, Erin Reid, Yun Zhou, Brent McKnight, François Neville, Katya Malinova, Len Waverman, Manaf Zargoush, and Hassanein
June 25, 2019

Fit to print: DeGroote faculty lauded for being published within Financial Times’ Top 50 journals list

The annual FT50 list includes top journals such as Harvard Business Review, Journal of Management, and The Review of Financial Studies.

December 14, 2018

DeGroote’s Erin Reid is flipping gender-based research on its head

Reid is studying “time policing” or how employers and colleagues monitor men and women’s time differently in the workplace.