DeGroote Annual Report reflects positive impacts to business and society

Len Waverman | Hamilton | April 26, 2016

The DeGroote School of Business is committed to positively impacting business and society. This sense of purpose is instilled in all of our students, faculty and staff. An intensive assessment of our strengths, the evolving business landscape, and the needs of society, let to the collaborative creation of our 2015-2020 strategic plan. I’m proud to say that our collective efforts resulted in significant progress towards the achievement of the ambitious mandate we tasked ourselves with.

Throughout the year, we produced world-class research and delivered ground-breaking academic programs. Our students travelled and competed far and wide; the achievements of our alumni in industry highlighted DeGroote’s role as a platform for success; and we made new inroads in the community through informative, inspiring events. The DeGroote Network has never been stronger.

This annual report summarizes our key accomplishments over the past year and looks towards our bright future. As you read it, I hope you find inspiration and excitement in our ambition, and I invite your deeper participation. I also want to thank you – your efforts are what make our vision a reality.

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Len Waverman

Len Waverman
Dean, DeGroote School of Business

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