DeGroote impresses at Ivey Leadership competition

Milena Head, professor, information systems | Burlington, Ontario | March 4, 2015

From February 26th to 28th, we participated in our third MBA case competition of the season – the Ivey Leadership Case Competition. This was the inaugural event for this competition where there were two separate competitions.

In the first, teams were allocated by mixing students from different schools. Individual leadership and team building skills were put to the test as the teams had to adjust to working with strangers to complete a case analysis and presentation within four hours. Tyler Johansen was the designated lead on his team that ended up winning this unique format. Congratulations Tyler!

For the second competition, students were back in their school teams where they had approximately 6 hours to compete their analysis and prepare their presentation. This was an exciting live case format, which included a Q&A session with senior executives from the case company. We were disappointed that we didn’t make it to the finals as the team put together a well-researched, comprehensive and realistic presentation. However, when we received our feedback sheet from the judges we discovered that the team was only one-point short of making it to the finals! So close! The Ivey and University of Alberta teams ended up winning the competition in a tie.

Please join me in congratulating the DeGroote team of Trevor Dalton, Mirna Hanna, Tyler Johansen and Mitch Rea. They did a great job and were excellent ambassadors for the DeGroote School of Business!

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