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Medical technology
October 16, 2020

How the eHealth program put Kieran Kwok on the leading edge of health care innovation

eHealth graduate Kieran Kwok predicts that digital technologies will help build resilient health care systems after the pandemic.

Tal Dehtiar headshot
October 9, 2020

Oliberté pivots from manufacturing shoes to masks

Alumnus Tal Dehtiar's (MBA'04) entrepreneurial journey from manufacturing shoes to masks during COVID-19 times.

Hospital quarantining COVID-19 patient
October 7, 2020

Data-driven pandemic solutions for hospitals

Using data to find ways to help maxed-out hospitals and patients cope with the pandemic and other crises.

Woman wearing mask at airport
September 25, 2020

Using AI to protect air passengers in a pandemic

How do you know if it’s safe to fly? Using AI to minimize the risk of spreading disease in airplanes and airports.

Business with no mask no entry sign
September 22, 2020

Two DeGroote researchers receive funding from SSHRC to study COVID-19

McMaster researchers receive SSHRC funding to study economic and labour impacts of COVID-19 pandemic.

June 30, 2020

Knowledge Labs Webinar: Money Matters in a Post-Pandemic World

Knowledge Labs webinar that focuses on money matters in a post-pandemic world.

Manaf Zargoush
June 28, 2020

Knowledge Labs: In the Know with Manaf Zargoush

This week's In the Know: Assistant Professor Manaf Zargoush speaks about COVID-19 and the airline industry.

June 19, 2020

Knowledge Labs Webinar: Opportunities to Thrive and Grow When Working from Home

Knowledge Labs webinar that focuses on the challenges people are facing and how to learn, grow, and be more resilient when addressing them.

inhaling virus through airborne transmission
June 12, 2020

DeGroote MBA students win $100,000 in Roche Innovation Challenge

Two students from The Clinic win the top prize in a Roche Pharmaceuticals COVID-19 innovation challenge.

Haniyeh Yousofpour
June 11, 2020

Knowledge Labs: In the Know with Haniyeh Yousofpour

This week's In the Know: Assistant Professor Haniyeh Yousofpour speaks about emotional intelligence.

Barber shop closed
June 10, 2020

Using the underground market risks more than a bad haircut

Why the black market is thriving and how it endangers Canadians' health.

Mussa Gikineh
June 9, 2020

Bright side of life: Meet DeGroote valedictorian Mussa Gikineh

Meet Mussa Gikineh, the 2020 valedictorian for the DeGroote School of Business, who always looks on the bright side of life.