DeGroote Fellowship Lecture Series: Energy Transitions

Join us for an engaging talk with industry and academic leaders about current challenges and innovations within Canada's energy sector.


Date & Time

July 25, 2024
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.


Hamilton Hall
McMaster University, 1280 Main Street West Hamilton, ON L8S 4L8




Kaitlin Wynia Baluk


The DeGroote Fellowship Lecture Series promotes the exchange of ideas between business and academia. Business leaders are invited to give a lecture at the DeGroote School of Business in partnership with faculty members. The aim is to create two-way mobilization channels to bring the current developments and challenges of the industry closer to the academic community, and to share research with the industry to facilitate potential future research partnerships.

In the first of the series, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from Jennifer Smith, Executive Vice President, Corporate & CPO at Burlington Hydro Inc. and Dr. Goran Calic, Associate Professor of Strategic Management about the current innovations and challenges within Canada’s energy sector.


Hamilton Hall
McMaster University, 1280 Main Street West Hamilton, ON L8S 4L8

(Hamilton Hall, Hamilton, ON, Canada)

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