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Amr El-Kebbi

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Contact Information

Office: DSB A210
Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 26179

Amr joined the PhD program at DeGroote School of Business (DSB) in September 2017. He finished his coursework and passed his comprehensive exam in 2019. His research focuses on the emergence of entrepreneurial identity under the supervision of Dr. Benson Honig. He is also involved in research projects studying career identity of refugees in Canada, entrepreneurship education, and immigrant entrepreneurs. He served as the president of DeGroote Doctoral Student Association for the year 2019-2020. He has more than 18 years of professional experience in four continents, five of which had been in leadership roles. He also founded, managed, and sold ARKS Chem, a distributor and manufacturer of chemical raw materials for household and cosmetic industries, for six year. He is planning on graduating from DSB PhD program in 2021.

SupervisorBenson Honig

  • MSc. Entrepreneurship, Ted Rogers School of Management, Toronto
  • Certificate, Adult Education & Staff Training, Seneca College, Toronto
  • MBA, Marketing, Lebanese American University, Beirut
  • BSc., Chemistry, American University of Beirut, Beirut

Entrepreneurial Identity, Emergence of Organizational Identity, and Immigrant Identity

  • Managed Canadian-national accounts in retail and industry including building and implementing robust strategies, for Wood Wyant, a company that provides sanitation solutions and janitorial supplies for the healthcare sector.
  • Founded and Managed ARKS Chemicals, a distributor for chemical raw materials used to manufacture cosmetics and household products.
  • Managed the Middle East and North African region for Drom Fragrances, a fragrance manufacturer for industrial applications.

Research Projects

  • PhD Thesis: The Emergence Process of Entrepreneurial Identity among Entrepreneurship Students, a study to unfold the emergence of entrepreneurial identity among undergraduate entrepreneurship students, and the impact of the emerging entrepreneurial identity on their future careers.
  • Career Identities of Refugees in Canada, a study to explore the emergence of Canadian Identities among refugees to Canada, and the impact of the emerged Canadian identity on the career identities of refugees.
  • Outcomes of Entrepreneurship Education, a study to understand the outcomes of graduate programs in entrepreneurship and technology. While most of the graduates are not becoming entrepreneurs, this research analyzed the role of graduates from such programs in shaping the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Investigating Cultural and Religious Influence on Immigrant Entrepreneurs, a study to explore the evolution of halal food business models in Canada. While becoming part of the mainstream businesses, Halal food businesses facilitated integration of Muslim immigrants to Canada on the individual, communal, and national levels.

Teaching Interests

  • Interested in teaching Entrepreneurship, Organization Theory, and Strategy courses.
  • Sessional Instructor of P720 Strategic Management, a capstone course for DeGroot’s MBA program.
  • Teaching assistant for various courses in entrepreneurship and strategy, undergraduate and graduate.

Conference Paper

  • Kebbi, A. Valliere D. (2016). The Double J-Curve: A Model for Incubated Start-ups. 11th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Refereed Contributions

  • Stambouli, J., Kebbi, A., & Valliere, D. (2020). Institutionalizing Distinctiveness: Halal Food Business Evolution and Muslim Integration in Canada. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2020(1), 12524. 
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Other Refereed Contributions

  • Kebbi, A., & Honig, B. (2019). Graduates of Entrepreneurship Education Programs: Expectations Versus Outcomes. In International Council for Small Business Proceedings: ICSB World Congress 2019
  • Kebbi, A., & Honig, B. (2018). Guaranteed Basic Income and Entrepreneurial Identity. In North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress: NABIG Congress 2018
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Non-refereed Contributions

  • Grant, K., & Kebbi, A. (2017). Report on Canadian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Angel Groups Perception. National Angel Capital Organization.
  • Grant, K., & Kebbi, A. (2016). Government Program Supporting SMEs: Israel Case Study. Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada