Fatma Elbabour

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Contact Information

Email: elbabouf@mcmaster.ca
Office: DSB A211

I joined the PhD program (Information Systems) at DeGroote School of Business in September 2019. My broad research interests are in the area of human-computer interaction (HCI). My current research aims to explore the intersection between technology and learning, with focus on e-learning and mobile learning experiences in higher education.

Supervisor: Dr. Milena Head

  • MSc., Information Systems, University of East Anglia, UK.
  • BSc., Information Technology, University of Benghazi, Libya

Before joining DeGroote School of Business, I worked for four years as an assistant lecturer at the University of Benghazi. During that time, I enjoyed teaching undergraduate-level courses at the Department of Information Systems, and I had the opportunity to supervise several final year projects.

Elbabour, F., Alhadreti, O., Mayhew, P. (2017). Eye Tracking in Retrospective Think-Aloud Usability Testing: Is There Added Value? Journal of Usability Studies, 12, 95-110.