Kamran Sartipi

Kamran Sartipi

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Contact Information

Email: sartipi@mcmaster.ca
Phone: 905-906-3646
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Dr. Sartipi’s research and education are interdisciplinary in Engineering and Computer Science (specialized in Software Engineering). He is a professional engineer of Ontario. His research activities include software engineering, information security, data mining, service intelligence, software reverse engineering, and medical informatics.

Dr. Sartipi has been a pioneer researcher in applying data mining algorithms on both static and dynamic analysis of software systems and developed a graph-pattern-matching based software analysis and evaluation technique and a toolkit namely “Alborz”.

Dr. Sartipi’s current research projects includes intelligent security provisioning for distributed systems based on mining log repositories to identify common and anomaly user behaviours. He also works on knowledge engineering with projects regarding to data and service integration, knowledge extraction and dissemination among medical specialty domains.

Dr. Sartipi has over 70 publications, supervised more than 30 PhD and Master’s students in inter-disciplinary fields, and developed several software tools in system analysis and medical informatics. He has been a co-developer and co-director of the M.Sc eHealth program at McMaster University and has served on the peer-review committee for CHRP (Collaborative Health Research Projects), which is sponsored by NSERC and CIHR.

For a complete list of publications, visit my website.

  • PhD and M.Math. in Computer Science (Software Engineering),
 University of Waterloo, Canada.
  • MSc. and B.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran.