Nehal Elhelaly

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Contact Information

Email: elhelan@mcmaster.ca
Office: DSB A210
Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 20098

Nehal is a research and teaching assistant with more than seven years’ extensive experience in teaching the undergraduate-level courses; besides working – individually and within research groups – on term papers and research projects. Apart from conducting empirical research studies, resulted in publishing two peer-reviewed research papers, alongside presenting a different peer-reviewed paper at the 2016 Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC) conference. Nehal has been awarded distinct study and research grants; among them was a scholarship from the Egyptian Higher Ministry of Education to be a visiting scholar at McMaster University for two years. Recently, Nehal won the Harry Lyman Hooker Senior Fellowship award to join the doctoral program at DeGroote School of Business.

SupervisorSourav Ray

  • Visiting Ph.D. Student, McMaster University, Canada
  • M.Sc. Business Administration, Mansoura University, Egypt
  • B.Sc. Commerce, Mansoura University, Egypt
  • Assistant Lecturer, Business Administration Department, Mansoura University, Egypt
  • Demonstrator, Business Administration Department, Mansoura University, Egypt
  • Upstream Supply Chain Collaboration
  • R&D and Technological Alliances
  • B2B Relationships
  • Inter-organizational Knowledge Exchange
  • Firm’s Capabilities and Positioning Strategies
  • Product Innovation and Development Performance
  • Elhelaly, Nehal, Sourav Ray, Abdelaziz Hassan, Abdelaziz Mekhaimer (2016), “Product Co-development in Vertical Channels: The Roles of Supplier Knowledge Governance, Absorptive Capacity, and Strategic Positioning”, Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC) Conference, 4-6 June, Edmonton, Canada.


  • Elhelaly, Nehal, Ahmed Ebeid, Azza El-Menbawey (2015), “The Role of Customer Knowledge Management Process in Service Recovery Performance: An Applied Study to the Egyptian National Railways”, International Journal of Management and Applied Research, 2015, 2(1), 1-21.


  • Elhelaly,   Nehal,   Ahmed   Ebeid,   Azza   El-Menbawey   (2013),   “The impact of  Customer Knowledge Management Process on Service Recovery Performance”, Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Intellectual Capital, 11- 12 April, Spain.