Publications Archive

Lists a selection of publications involving DeGroote students and faculty.

International Journal of Disclosure and Governance advance online publication | doi:10.1057/jdg.2012.21

Market Reaction to Wells Notice: An Empirical Analysis

Nainar, S.M. Khalid, Atul Rai and Semih Tartaroglu

Value in Health 16(4), 639-646

Measuring the Quality of a Childhood Cancer Care Delivery System: Assessing Stakeholder Agreement

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The nuanced nature of work quality: evidence from rural Newfoundland and Ireland.

Cooke, G., Donaghey, J. & Zeytinoglu, I.U.

Economic and Industrial Democracy, 34(1): 120-141

Job satisfaction, flexible employment and job security among Turkish service sector workers

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Journal of Economic Psychology 33, 566–577

The Impact of Empowering Investors on Trust and Trustworthiness

Kanagaretnam, K., S.M.K. Nainar, M.M. Shehata, and S. Mestelman

Review of Financial Studies 25, 144-186

Managerial Attributes and Executive Compensation

Graham, John, Si Li and Jiaping Qiu

Journal of Economic Theory, 147, 310-335

Conservative Traders, Natural Selection and Market Efficiency

Luo, Guo Ying

?,” Journal of Financial Intermediation 21, 123-150

Information asymmetry and bank regulation: Can the spread of debt contracts be explained by recovery rates?

Miu, W., Peter Miu, Y. Chang and B. Ozdemir

Journal of Financial Economics 103, 611-631

Endogenous Liquidity in the Credit Derivatives

Qiu, Jiaping, and Fan Yu

International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning, Vol. 6 No. 4, pp. 301-316.

Exploration, exploitation and technology management.

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Walking to work in Canada: Health, benefits, socio-economic characteristics and urban-regional variations.

Kitchen, P., Williams, A. and Chowhan, J.