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Messages to students from DeGroote faculty, staff, and partners.

clubs | 10-01-2019

MARS Apprentice Season 15 Boardroom Announcement

Would you want to be a person who seeks out opportunities to learn through industry perspectives on real world cases? … more

clubs | 01-11-2018

DAA Alumni Night

Come to connect with outstanding alumni from Big Four Accounting Firms! Full dinner is provided. Business formal is required … more

clubs | 25-10-2018

Microsoft Azure | Machine Learning Workshop

The DeGroote Information Systems Association is excited to bring you a Machine Learning Workshop in collaboration with Microsoft Azure! … more

clubs | 18-10-2018

Comments for Cupcakes

To all of you who contributed to Comments for Cupcakes during the DCS Cookout, thank you! We received some amazing ideas and Feedback! … more

clubs | 11-10-2018

DMA Annual MLSE Case Competition

The DMA team is proud to announce our annual Kickoff for the MLSE Case Competition! … more