BCom Case Competitions Funded by DeGroote

| November 25, 2021
Submitted by Emily Cestra

Get involved and enrich your University life by competition in case competitions that are funded by DeGroote.

Battle on Bay Competition hosted by Ted Rogers School of Management (timing: early January)

This unique financial case competition allows undergraduate commerce students from across Canada, to utilize and develop their analytical skills to solve current financial issues. In addition, delegates have the opportunity to present their creative solutions in front of a diverse panel of industry professionals. From this experience, participating delegates will gain exposure to financial issues occurring in the current business world and have the opportunity to meet with industry professionals that deal with these issues on a daily basis. The competition will be held in person at Ryerson University. Visit the website for more information.

Royal Roads Undergraduate International Design Thinking Challenge (timing: March 4 – 7)

The Challenge format has three parts. Part one is a video where students showcase their solution to the challenge. Teams of four students apply their analytical, decision-making and communication skills to the societal issues raised in the challenge. The students receive feedback from the judges, who are industry professionals. They use the feedback to improve on their solution.  The second and third parts occur in Victoria, B.C. Part two is a presentation to the judges and other competing schools which includes the improvements they have made based on feedback provided. Part three is a related but different challenge that they have 24 hours to complete and then present. It involves doing primary research in the Victoria area and solving a problem faced by one of the local communities.

McGill Management International Case Competition (timing: mid-March)

This is a world-class undergraduate competition with a focus on globalization, innovation and multi-disciplinary thinking. At this competition, teams have 48 hours to work through a strategy based on a business scenario, identifying key priorities, weighing benefits and addressing risks before drafting a strategic plan which they must present to a corporate judging panel. The competition takes in March and five students from McMaster are required to go; four to be a part of team McMaster and one to be a part of the International team.

Global Business Case Competition (timing: April 20 – 24)

A leading international case competition that brings together undergraduate students from the United States and around the world to compete in a fast-paced and challenging business case study.  This five day program provides students a chance to build cross-cultural relationships, and most importantly, participate in two real-world case studies to analyze and develop a business recommendation. The competition will be virtual. Each team presents their short and long case solutions to panels of judges. Visit the website for more information.

International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition (timing: late April)

In this competition, each university team takes over the management of a simulated or virtual manufacturing company competing directly against four or five other firms run by competitor teams in its simulated world. The starting position of all teams is identical. Each of the companies has two years of identical history which become available to students through a set of starting reports. Teams strive to outperform each other on a number of financial and strategic measures. Each team writes a strategic business plan for its company and assumes responsibility for executing that plan through making key strategic and operational decisions in marketing, finance, HR and operations. Students run their companies by making quarterly decisions for five simulated years. These decisions are transmitted to the host computer using the internet and the results — i.e. the performance of the team’s company and that of its competitors — determines the situation the company faces for the next set of decisions. Each team is responsible for a strategic business plan, an annual report, and one formal oral presentation to judges. Team members have the experience of running their own company and learn first-hand how a group effort can result in synergy and enthusiasm. There are two phases to the competition: the remote phase and the on-site or “intensive phase.” In January teams receive start-up information and beginning position files.  The competition begins at the beginning of February with the remote phase and culminates with the on-site or “intensive” phase in April. This competition allows students to apply for a Commerce Elective credit. Visit the website for more information.

What you need to know:

  • Application deadline: Friday, December 10
  • Open to full-time and part-time students who are not on internship
  • To apply, email Linda Stockton (stockton@mcmaster.ca) with the following information:
    • Resume
    • Degree audit
    • Letter of interest
    • Ranking of the competitions of interest to you
    • Copy of your winter schedule
  • Your application does not guarantee your participation

Questions? Email Linda Stockton at stockton@mcmaster.ca.

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