Comments for Cupcakes

| October 18, 2018
Submitted by Joel MacPherson for DeGroote Commerce Society

Comments for Cupcakes

To all of you who contributed to Comments for Cupcakes during the DCS Cookout, thank you! We received some amazing ideas and got to hear what the students want and expect from the DCS, the faculty and their experience at DeGroote!

Some changes we have made based off the feedback:

  • Instagram will be increasingly used to advertise events. Follow us at @dcsatmac
  • There will be a comment box outside DCS office for input from students
  • At the beginning of the year, the Commerce Bulletin changed to be distributed by year to make information more specific
  • Town hall is occurring in the Commerce Lounge to promote a more casual and comfortable setting with faculty

Stay tuned for another Comments for Cupcakes and more changes based on feedback!


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