Course Enrollment: What Do These Terms Mean?

| June 22, 2022 (LIVE)
Submitted by Karina Almeida for Student Experience - Academic

When enrolling this semester, you may come across error messages. Here’s what they mean and what can be done about them.

Closed Course: When a course is closed, the Student Experience team cannot enroll students into a closed section of a course. There are no waitlists and instructors cannot give seat authorizations. Try using SeatAlert to notify you when a seat becomes available. Check back on Mosaic from time to time. Schedules will be changing between now and the add/drop date (add/drop for Fall is Wednesday, September 14).

Requirements Not Met: A prerequisite is a requirement to be fulfilled before registration in a course is permitted. This is usually the successful completion of another course. Our Faculty is quite strict on prerequisites, and we do not waive prerequisites under any circumstances.

Reserved Seat Capacity: A small number of seats will be reserved for students who require these courses as part of their degree requirements. Reserve capacity is lifted on a rolling basis. Faculty of Business only oversees reserve capacity for Commerce courses. If you have questions about non-Commerce reserve capacity, you must reach out to the Faculty who administers these classes.

Remember, enrollment is a process, not a date!

Questions? Email (don’t forget to add your student ID number)!

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2 thoughts on "Course Enrollment: What Do These Terms Mean?"

  1. Anna says:

    I am going to be attending McMaster for Lifesci this coming fall. I was able to enroll in my classes but unenrolled in CHEM1A03 in order to change the time of one of my labs. After doing so, I was unable to enroll for ANY lab time as the course said: “course is closed.” 
    I am not sure what to do as I was just enrolled in all my courses just recently. Is there any way I can still enroll in this course?

    1. A. Reis says:

      Hello Anna,

      You will likely need to reach out to Academic Advising with the faculty of Science for questions about enrollment in your program.

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