Top 3 steps to remember when applying for DEF funding

| November 11, 2022
Submitted by Meagan Keane for Student Experience

Learning Should Never Be Limited To The Classroom

TheĀ DeGroote Experience Fund (DEF) is used to support experiential learning opportunities at national and international competitions, conferences, leadership workshops, and various other events. But your application could be delayed if you don’t include the necessary information in your application. Be sure to include these important details:

  1. Tell us how many students are participating in the activity you’re applying for. Share participant names and if you are registering as a team or individually.
  2. Share your budget and breakdown of funding. Tell us how you will spend the money. Cost of registration, transportation (normally long-haul travel, including bus, train, air), accommodation (if required), food (typically at the expense of the student), miscellaneous, etc.
  3. Let us know if you are receiving funding from other sources, including any sponsored contributions. A sponsorship plan and/or list of potential organizations that are supporting this activity is important information that will help us process your request appropriately.

Share this information with the DEF and Jennifer McCleary, Director of Student Experience. These details help us identify if you qualify for funding, and can help us process your request faster!

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