The Future of the MBA Program

Examining DeGroote's MBA Programs

Our goal is to evolve the structure of the Full-time and Co-op MBA programs to maximize their effectiveness for students, faculty, and employers in the years to come.

Next steps in our review of the MBA program:

  • Looking at best practices from other leaders in this field.
  • Seeking feedback from current students and alumni.
  • Interviewing our staff and faculty.
  • Hearing from students, faculty, and employers who do not have direct connections with DeGroote but are engaged with MBA programs at competitor schools.

Similar to the process for the strategic plan, the MBA review will include a large number of consultations.

This process is currently underway.

MBA Program Review Timeline

The MBA Program review is truly consultative. It will include four major phases, the first of which has now begun.

Timeline graphic of the MBA program

Once the review is complete, a team of faculty representing all Areas and approved by Area Chairs will apply these extensive insights and data to the redesign of our MBA program.

About The Strategic Counsel

To assist us in this process, DeGroote engaged one of the leading post-secondary research and consulting firms in the country, The Strategic Counsel (TSC). We are pleased to leverage their expansive knowledge of Canadian post-secondary institutions, and in particular, their expertise with business schools.

The Strategic Counsel are renowned not only for their post-secondary expertise, but also for their extensive work with Canadian business schools. They see business schools as a specific niche with uniqueness and nuances that are different from other faculties and are noted for their understanding of business school students, faculty, culture, and leadership. TSC’s business school clients include The Rotman School of Management, Ivey Business School, The Schulich School of Business, and The Ted Rogers School of Management.

Additionally, TSC has worked with DeGroote twice before, once in September 2017 examining students’ motivations for post-secondary choices and again in February 2017 to examine market demand for the new Blended Learning Part-time MBA program.