Operations Management

When customers order a product online, they rarely think of the steps that package will have to take and the schedule that it has to remain on in order to arrive on their doorstep on time. From the food we eat, to the manufacturing processes of large companies, to the systems we rely on, the field of operations management has daily applications and uses across the globe.

Faculty in DeGroote’s operations management area use statistical analysis, computer simulation and mathematical modelling and optimization methods to analyze problems in operations, supply chains and other areas of business. The research conducted impacts the areas of supply chain management, purchasing, inventory management, consulting, production planning, scheduling, quality assurance and business process analysis.

This area gives students a rigorous, analytical understanding of business statistics, forecasting, inventory management, purchasing, manufacturing strategy, production planning and scheduling, supply chain design, distribution and management science. Students also use ERP system SAP in some of their course work.

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