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Benson Honig

Benson Honig, PhD
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Teresa Cascioli Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership
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Office: DSB-406
Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 23943

Curriculum vitae

Benson Honig (Ph.D. Stanford University) is the Teresa Cascioli Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University. Studying entrepreneurship worldwide, his research interests include business planning, nascent entrepreneurship, transnational entrepreneurship, ethics in scholarship, social entrepreneurship, social capital, and entrepreneurship in environments of transition.

He has published widely in leading academic journals and the media, and serves on six editorial boards, including the Journal of Business Venturing and the Journal of Management Studies. He is currently a blogger for the Academy of Management’s Ethicist site. He is past chair of the Academy of Management Ethics Education Committee, and is a past president of the CCSBE (Canadian Counsel of Small Business and Entrepreneurship). He is also an active board member of the Africa Academy of Management. Dr. Honig served for seven years as an editor for Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, and is the 2009 winner (with Per Davidsson) of the Grief price from the University of Southern California for the most cited entrepreneurship article in the previous five years, as well as the winner of the most cited article for the Journal of Business Venturing in 2009.

He has published in the Journal of Management, Journal of Business Venturing, Academy of Management, Learning and Education, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Management Studies, European Management Journal, Journal of Small Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development and the Journal of World Business, among others.

Dr. Honig is a member of the Academy of Management, The African Academy of Management, the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, the Canadian Counsel of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and the European Group for Organizational Studies.

  • PhD, Stanford University
  • BA (Cum Laude) San Francisco State University
  • ASEET College of San Mateo

Professor Honig’s research in entrepreneurship has been published in such journals as the Journal of ManagementJournal of Management Studies, Journal of Business VenturingAcademy of ManagementLearning and Education, and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, among others. Dr. Honig is co-winner of the 2009 Grief Research High Impact Award in Entrepreneurship and a 2016 Emerald Citation award. He serves on ten editorial boards, including Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Academy of Management Perspectives, Academy of Management Learning and Education, and  Journal of Management Studies. He is a past president of the Canadian Counsel of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and served on the boards of the Babson conference and the International Counsel for Small Business. He maintains a global profile, having previously taught in the UK, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Cyprus, Israel, and Jordan.

Dr. Honig has been appointed an ‘exemplary professor’ at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, and an honorary professor at the University of Southern Denmark and at Jonkoping International Business School, Sweden.

Teresa Cascioli Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership

Award Details Dates
Emerald Citations of Excellence award winner for 2016. “Social Capital and Entrepreneurship: A Schema and Research Agenda”, Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, 2013 2016
Outstanding Service Award Academy of Management

Academy of Management Learning and Education Journal

Aug 10, 2015
Outstanding Leadership and Service Award Academy of Management

Chair: Academy of Management, Ethics Education Committee

Aug. 11, 2015
Social Science Humanities Research Grant ($345,000) Assessment of Entrepreneurship Education Dec. 2013-June, 2018


Selected Articles in Refereed Journals

Hong, Y; Honig, B; (Forthcoming) Publish and Politics: An Examination of Business School Faculty Salaries in Ontario, Academy of Management Learning and Education.

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