Manaf Zargoush

Manaf Zargoush

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  • Health Policy and Management
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Contact Information

Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 23971

Ph.D. Management (Healthcare Operations & Information Management),
McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Ph.D. Business Administration (Decision Science & Statistics),
ESSEC Business School, Paris, France

M.Phil. Advanced Master of Business Administration Research,
ESSEC Business School, Paris, France

M.Sc. Industrial Engineering (Socio-Economic Systems Engineering),
Sharif University, Tehran Iran

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (Solid Mechanics),
Shahid Chamran Univeristy, Ahvaz, Iran


  • Healthcare Data Analytics: descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics; analysis of large electronic health records
  • Health Informatics: integrating health information systems and health analytics
  • Medical Decision Making: optimal medication prescription; end-of-life disability; optimal aging
  • Healthcare Operations Management: patient flow management, Alternate Level of Care (ALC), integrated care


  • Data Science Methods: descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive methods using machine learning algorithms; statistical modeling
  • Stochastic Dynamic Programming: Markov Decision Processes (MDP), Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDP),
  • Semi-Markov Chain modeling for trajectory analysis, process mining, disease progression, and care-pathway analysis


  • “Designing Risk-Adjusted Therapy for Patients with Hypertension”, with M. Gümüş, V. Verter, S.S. Daskalopoulou. Production and Operations Management, Special Issue: Patient-Centric Care in the Age of Analytics, Forthcoming
  • Using Observed Sequence to Orient Network Models”, with F. Alemi and J. Vang. Health Care Management Science, 20 (2017) 590–599
  • Sequence of Functional Loss and Recovery in Nursing Homes”, with CR Levy, AE Williams, AR Williams, P. Giang, J. Wojtusiak, RE Kheirbek, and F. Alemi. The Gerontologist, 56 (2015) 52–61
  •  “Causal Analysis of Emergency Department Delays” with RE Kheirbek, S Beygi, F Alemi, AW Smith, RD Fletcher, PN Seton, and BA Hawkins. Quality Management in Health Care, July-September 2015, 24 (3): 162–66.
  • A Psychological Approach to Learning Causal Networks”, with F. Alemi, V.E. Vinzi, J. Vang and R. Kheirbek. Health Care Management Science, 2014-Vol. 17, Issue 2, 194-201
  • Comparative Effectiveness of Hypoglycemic Medications Among Veterans”, with R. Kheirbek and F. Alemi. Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy, 2013;19(9):740-44.
  • Genetic Markers Anticipate Response to Citalopram in a Majority of Patients”, with F. Alemi, H. Erdman, J. Vang, S. Epstein and F. Aymen, Psychiatric Genetics, 2011, Vol. 21, No. 6, p. 287-293.
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  • Causal Risk Analysis; Revisiting the VIOXX Study” with F. Alemi, Handbook of Healthcare Delivery Systems, Edited by Y. Yih, CRC Press, Ch. 26, 2010.
  • Dependent Bayesian Analysis: Application to Text of Prescriptions Analysis“, Peer-Reviewed case study at SAGE Research Methods- Methods in Action; with F. Alemi, 2014.