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MBA Games 2021
January 20, 2021

DeGroote students place third overall in MBA Games competition

The DeGroote team, led by Co-Chairs Lisa Davidson and Brandon Balthazaar, finished strong in the 2021 MBA Games national competition.

January 18, 2021

BMO’s $2.5M gift fosters new opportunities for students

Students will have opportunities to enhance their skills and competencies with the creation of the leading-edge BMO Connection Zone.

Khaled Hassanein
January 14, 2021

New Dean of the Faculty of Business

Khaled Hassanein, a strong academic leader from within the DeGroote School of Business, has been named the new Dean, effective July 1, 2021.

January 8, 2021

Day in the Life with Chloe Asselstine (January)

Chloe tells us about trying new things, why it is important to help others, and what she is most grateful for during these times.

January 7, 2021

Day in the Life with Rachel West (January)

Rachel talks about her internship at PepsiCo, her Ninja power, and how she has developed as a student at DeGroote.

January 6, 2021

Day in the Life with Megha Tretha (January)

Megha shares more about her time at DeGroote, how to stay positive, and what new skills she has baked up!

January 5, 2021

Day in the Life with Declan Ingram-Walsh (January)

Declan shares how he is overcoming obstacles, what he grateful for, and his hobbies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sarah Rotella and Friends
January 4, 2021

Day in the Life with Sarah Rotella (January)

Sarah shares her experience in the virtual learning environment, how much she's grown as an individual, and some show recommendations!

Kaelyn Boyes
December 18, 2020

Behind the scenes of a video game developer

Kaelyn has a cool job. Kaelyn develops video games. How has an EMBA helped Kaelyn innovate and transform her business?

Sofia Colucci
December 16, 2020

Get to know Sofia Colucci

Get to know a bit more about DeGroote alumna Sofia Colucci, Global Vice President for the Miller Family of Brands.

Catherine Connelly
December 15, 2020

A fair chance at fair work

Catherine Connelly is investigating the obstacles and injustices faced by vulnerable workers and identifying ways to overcome them.

Kristen McDonald
December 11, 2020

The life of a global technology leader

Kristen is a global technology leader. How has an EMBA helped Kristen enable the future of work?