Farimah Hakem Zadeh

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Contact Information

Email: hakemzf@mcmaster.ca

Farimah joined the PhD program at DeGroote in September 2009. Her primary research interest is evidence-based management, with a particular focus on the actionability of management research and evidence-based decision making. Not only are these topics of interest to academics in the field, they are also critical for enhancing the professionalism of the management discipline and empowering managers to make evidence-informed decisions with a higher probability of effectiveness and success. Her research consists of two interconnected theories with a special focus on conceptualizing evidence and the actionability of research in the field of management. It also includes a pioneering empirical component which is arguably rare in the field of evidence-based management.

Supervisor: Vishwanath Baba

  • M.B.A., Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
  • B.Sc., Civil Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

Research Assistant
DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University
Project: Midwifery Education Program Student Retention Study
Lead Researchers: Dr. Isik U. Zeytinoglu, Dr. Derek Lobb, Dr. Elena Neiterman

  • Designing a longitudinal research
  • Literature review and preparation of questionnaire
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Writing up reports and papers
  • Attending conferences

Sessional lecturer
DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University
Course: Organizational Behaviour, Fall 2012 & Summer 2014

Teaching Assistant
DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University

  • Organizational Behaviour (Undergraduate and MBA levels)
  • Human Resource Management (Undergraduate and MBA levels)
  • Developing Management Skills (MBA level)
  • Leadership (MBA level)

Baba, V. V., & HakemZadeh, F. (2012). Toward a theory of evidence based decision making. Management Decision (Emerald), 50(5), 832 – 867.

HakemZadeh, F. (2012). An Introduction to Systematic Reviews London, UK: Sage Publications, (2012), 304 pp. ISBN-9781849201803. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences / Revue Canadienne Des Sciences de l’Administration, 29(4), 378–379. doi:10.1002/cjas.1231

HakemZadeh, F., & Baba, V. V. (2012). Toward a theory of evidence in evidence-based management. Presented at the EURAM 12, Rotterdam, Kingdom of the Netherlands: European Academy of Management.

HakemZadeh, F., Neiterman, E., Zeytinoglu, I., Geraci, J., & Lobb, D. (2014, May). Retention and career commitment among midwifery students. To be presented at the Fourth Biennial Bilingual CSSH Conference, Montral, QC.

HakemZadeh, F., & Baba, V. V. (2014). Systematic Reviews for Evidence Based Management: A Theory, Model and a template (Completed working paper).