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Lists a selection of publications involving DeGroote students and faculty.

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Current Issues in Auditing 5(2), 15-20

Auditor Rotation: The PCAOB Considers a New Direction

Church, B., G. Jenkins, S. McCracken, P. Roush and J. Stanley.

Behavioral Research in Accounting 23(1), 131-160

What Happens When Managers Plan Negotiations Instead of Partners?

McCracken, S., S. Salterio and R. Schmidt

Journal of Computer Information Systems 51 (3), 47-56

Examining Technology Enactment in the Fixed Income Market

Bhandari, G., and J.J. Siam

Do private company targets that hire Big 4 auditors receive higher proceeds?

De Franco, G., Gavious, I., Richardson, G.D. and Jin, J.

Accounting, Organizations and Society 35, 579-595

The Auditor’s Negotiation Strategy Selection: Nature of the Auditor-Client Management Relationship and Flexibility of Initial Accounting Position

Gibbins, M., S. McCracken and S. Salterio

Journal of Law & Economics 52, 745-759

Experimental Tests of Core Theory and the Coase Theorem: Inefficiency and Cycling

Aivazian, V., J. Callen, and S. McCracken

Review of Accounting and Finance 9 (1), 88-110

The Evaluation of the Canadian BAX Contract in Managing Short-term Interest Rate Exposure

Siam, J.J., and S.M.K. Nainar

Journal of Business Research 36, 241-247

The Impact of Transparency and Repetition on Trust and Reciprocity

Kanagaretnam, K., S.M.K. Nainar, M.M. Shehata, and S. Mestelman