Publications Archive

Lists a selection of publications involving DeGroote students and faculty.

The Learning Organization, Vol. 18 No. 3, pp. 239-250

Improving service delivery: Investigating the role of information sharing, job characteristics, and employee satisfaction.

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Parallels in knowledge cycles.

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Practical relevance of knowledge management and intellectual capital scholarly research: Books as knowledge translation agents.

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What’s familiar is excellent: The impact of exposure effect on perceived journal quality.

Serenko, A. & Bontis, N.

Institute for Intellectual Capital Research.Institute for Intellectual Capital ResearchInstitute for Intellectual Capital Research

Information Bombardment: Rising above the digital onslaught.

Bontis, N.

Annals of Operations Research.

Minimizing the weighted number of tardy jobs with due date assignment and capacity constrained deliveries.

Steiner, G & Zhang, R.

Journal of Scheduling.

Single machine batch scheduling with release times and delivery costs.

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Just-in-Time Systems, Springer Optimization and Its Applications.

Scheduling to maximize the number of just-in-time jobs: A survey.

Shabtay, D. & Steiner, G.

Revised delivery time quotation in scheduling with tardiness penalties.

Revised delivery time quotation in scheduling with tardiness penalties.

Steiner, G. & Zhang, R.

Journal of Scheduling, Vol. 14, pp. 455-469.

Bicriteria approach to minimize the total weighted number of tardy jobs with convex controllable processing times and assignable due dates.

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Integrating production cost in channel decisions.

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Attachment at (not to) work: Applying Attachment Theory to explain individual behavior in organizations.

Richards, D.A. & Schat, A.C.H.