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McMaster University Campus Building
May 24, 2022

Maryam Ghasemaghaei recognized as University Scholar

University Scholars are considered global leaders in a number of diverse research areas and academic disciplines.

November 25, 2021

Researchers Create AI Algorithm to Improve Timeliness, Accuracy of Sepsis Predictions

McMaster researchers help create AI predictive algorithm that greatly improves the timeliness and accuracy of data-driven sepsis predictions

Laboratory Scientist Wearing Virtual Reality Headset Sitting in a Chair Using Futuristic Holographic Interface
March 24, 2020

Force for good: Jodie Lobana

"I believe that society gives us many resources to live our best life, and we need to do our duty to give back."

EMBA class in Palo Alto
February 24, 2020

Leaders who will grow the digital economy

Our leaders in the digital economy are working to improve the Canadian health care system.