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May 17, 2024

In the News: We Live in the Age of Boycotts. But Which ones Work?

François Neville, Associate Professor of Strategic Management discusses the boycott of Loblaw Companies Ltd.

May 10, 2024

In the News: Fines Mounting for Violations in Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Programs

Professor Catherine Connelly discusses Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Programs in this recent Globe and Mail article.

May 3, 2024

In the News: Could a Loblaw Boycott Really Work? Probably not, Experts say

Associate Professor François Neville offers his expertise about the possibility of a boycott against Loblaw-owned stores.

executives in a board meeting
April 18, 2024

In the News: Bridging the Divide Between HR and the C-suite

Catherine Connelly discusses an unfortunate divide that can happen between HR and the C-suite in Canadian HR Reporter.

Hamilton sign at City Hall
March 6, 2024

In The News: Rebound in Business Licences ‘Positive Sign’ for Hamilton Economy

Associate professor Goran Calic warns that a stagnant economy could stifle Hamilton's apparent recovery.

Office rivals sitting beside one another at a desk, looking at each other with an envious stare.
January 29, 2024

The Green-Eyed Monster: How Embracing Jealousy at Work can Make you More Productive

Feel jealous at work? A study by Meena Andiappan shows that embracing envy can enhance productivity in the workplace.

November 27, 2023

In the News: Why Government Mandates on Electric Cars Will Not Work

In this Globe & Mail op-ed, Leonard Waverman discusses the state of electric vehicles and what the government can do to remove barriers.

November 22, 2023

In the News: Canada’s Inflation Rate Slowed to 3.1% in October

Chris Ling, Assistant Professor of Marketing, spoke to CHCH News about the current inflation numbers.

Tim Hortons Field
November 1, 2023

In the News: Hamilton Officials Laud Economic Impact of Grey Cup

Marketing expert Marvin Ryder warns ‘no way of knowing’ whether economic activity from the Grey Cup is new or will remain in Hamilton.

woman shaking hands
October 12, 2023

In the News: 44 Days: That’s How Long Employers Have to Convince a New Employee to Stay

Professor Catherine Connelly discusses the importance of checking in with new employees in this Human Resources Director article.

Costco gold bar
October 4, 2023

In the News: Costco Now Sells Gold Bars. Are They a Good Investment?

Will Huggins, assistant professor of finance and economics, weighs in on Costco selling 24-carat gold bars on CBC's The Current.

Taxi driver following directions on his phone GPS.
October 2, 2023

Safety on the Line: Drivers Who Juggle Multiple Jobs Are More Likely to Take Risks on the Road

Catherine Connelly and Alexandra Lefcoe discuss the safety risks facing drivers that juggle driving with another job.