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Sketch of Declan's family
January 5, 2021

Day in the Life with Declan Ingram-Walsh (January)

Declan shares how he is overcoming obstacles, what he grateful for, and his hobbies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Megha looking into the distance in the fall from escarpment
November 4, 2020

Day in the Life with Megha Tretha (November)

Megha shares how she is learning online, offers advice to other MBA candidates, and how her views are changing about business.

Declan holding a big yellow maple leaf
November 2, 2020

Day in the Life with Declan Ingram-Walsh (November)

Declan talks about how he is staying engaged while online, his plans for the future, and how he is keeping up with current business trends.

Khaled Hassanein
August 13, 2020

Knowledge Labs: In the Know with Khaled Hassanein

This week's In the Know: Associate Dean Khaled Hassanein talks about the recent shift to digital learning.

Len Waverman
June 11, 2020

Message from the Dean | Fall 2020

A message from Dean Leonard Waverman to the DeGroote community about the Fall 2020 term.

Student online learning
March 17, 2020

Online Learning Q&A

Q&A about online learning and teaching at the DeGroote School of Business.