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Rachel West walking in the forest
January 7, 2021

Day in the Life with Rachel West (January)

Rachel talks about her internship at PepsiCo, her Ninja power, and how she has developed as a student at DeGroote.

Megha Tretha with her dog
January 6, 2021

Day in the Life with Megha Tretha (January)

Megha shares more about her time at DeGroote, how to stay positive, and what new skills she has baked up!

Sketch of Declan's family
January 5, 2021

Day in the Life with Declan Ingram-Walsh (January)

Declan shares how he is overcoming obstacles, what he grateful for, and his hobbies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sarah Rotella and Friends
January 4, 2021

Day in the Life with Sarah Rotella (January)

Sarah shares her experience in the virtual learning environment, how much she's grown as an individual, and some show recommendations!