Celebrating the Class of 2022

November 18, 2022 | Hamilton, ON
Contributed by Joanna Williams, Marketing and Communications Strategist

Students from the DeGroote School of Business proudly walked across the McMaster convocation stage on November 17. For many, this accomplishment marks a highlight of their time at DeGroote. It involved personal sacrifice, hard work, navigating a pandemic, and balancing family, work and school commitments.

Dedication, determination, collaboration and perseverance were words used by many of the graduates to describe the academic journey that led them to this very moment.

We spoke with a few students about what this graduation celebration means to them.

Sukhbir Brar, MBA ‘22

How does it feel to be graduating today?

It feels really good. I think all the hard work and dedication that we put into this is really paying off and it all came to fruition today.

What’s the greatest takeaway or lesson you learned during your time at DeGroote?

Community and teamwork. I think having a good community around you and working collaboratively with your peers is important.


Ezaz Ahmad, BCom ‘22

How does it feel to be graduating today? 

It’s a great feeling! I really feel like all the hard work that I put in over the years is finally all coming together. It’s an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

What is the greatest takeaway or lesson you learned during your time at DeGroote?

If you ask for help, people are always willing to provide it. There have been times where I’ve talked to professors and if I have an issue, they’re always willing to reach out and help you in your time of need.


Mishaal Z., MBA ‘22

Can you describe your cohort in one word? 

Collaboration. Everyone was very open to working together.

What is the greatest takeaway or lesson you learned during your time at DeGroote?

I think the importance of relationships. Not just connections, but actually forming relationships with people and getting to learn from their experiences.

What has it taken for you to get to this point? 

It has taken a lot of focus. Throughout your whole educational career it takes a lot of focus but I think with this one particularly, it’s so self-driven that it takes a lot of drive internally to be able to focus and get it all done.


Siddhant Nirula, MBA ‘22

What is the greatest takeaway or lesson you learned during your time at DeGroote?

I think the professors are very knowledgeable. Secondly, I think the people I was studying with were all really smart. They had forward ideas on how to grow and what needs to be done to be successful and achieve success in the near future. So that really helped me, plus it also opened my mind to new ideas.

What did you have to overcome to be here today?

Working full-time because at the end of the day, it’s scheduling issues plus making sure you’re not tired to study. At the same time motivating yourself to just carry on, pushing through and getting through it.

What is your proudest moment of your time at DeGroote?

This degree — a getting here at the graduation ceremony and seeing my family happy.

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