DeGroote Celebrates Class of 2020 and Class of 2021

May 27, 2022 | Hamilton, ON
Contributed by Joanna Williams, DeGroote Writer

DeGroote students from the Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 had their moment in the spotlight as they walked across the stage, and posed for pictures during the McMaster Legacy celebration on May 24. Students were excited to celebrate in person, catch up with classmates and professors, and experience this important moment.

How excited are you to be here today to celebrate this milestone in your life? 

“It was a really good closure on these last couple of years and it just feels nice to finally have that moment to walk across the stage.” 

Taylor White, BCom ’20 





How excited are you to be here today to celebrate this milestone in your life? 

“I’m really excited. My dad flew all the way in from India, so it was a really special moment for me.” 

Do you have a favourite memory of a course or professor that made an impact on you? 

“It was D700 class. That was the only class during COVID where we could go on campus and present, so that was one of my most favorite classes. Dr. Head was simply amazing.” 

Jay Bhatia, MBA ’20 


What is the greatest takeaway or lesson you learned during your time at DeGroote? 

“It’s not necessarily the exact little things you learn in a classroom or textbook. It’s the greater lessons the professors teach you and those bigger life skills, networking events we went to in first and second year, making friends, group projects, presentations there was a lot that I learned.” Valentina Aceved, BCom ’21

“My biggest takeaway would be the people that I left, my friends and the people who supported me. All the professors are so sweet and so nice. Even coming here and talking to them today it feels so good to be a part of that community.” Anastasia Kountouris, BCom ’21 


Do you have a favourite memory that made an impact on you? 

“I was one of the coaches for McMaster Dragonboat. During that experience it gave me a lot of time and opportunity to build my leadership skills and from those leadership skills it really translated when I had to go to the workforce.” Michael Wong, BCom ’20

How excited are you to be here today to celebrate this milestone in your life? 

“We were thrown into the corporate world right after taking our last exam and didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to everyone, so it’s a really good chance to catch up with everyone.” Victor Yau, BCom ’20 


How would you define your cohort? 

“Definitely stronger than ever and very much ready for what the real world has to offer. So very perseverance-oriented and very strong as far as they have been able to come through all of this.”

Nicolas Ellis, BCom ’21 





Students, family and friends captured the excitement of the day at a fun photo booth during the DeGroote legacy celebration reception. View the photo albums here: Class of 2021 and Class of 2020.

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