Bellraj Eapen

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Contact Information

Email: eapenbp@mcmaster.ca
Office: DSB A211
Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 26392
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Bellraj (Bell) joined the DeGroote Ph.D. program in Information Systems in September 2016. He is a clinician with expertise in JAVA, Python, .NET, Web, and Mobile development platforms. He has expertise in Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications in healthcare. He is a proponent of open-source software and regularly contributes to the open-source community. He has experience with frameworks such as Keras and Apache Spark.

Co-Supervisors: Norm Archer & Kamran Sartipi

  • M.Sc. eHealth, McMaster University, Canada.
  • MD Dermatology, Manipal University, India.
  • MBBS Medicine & Surgery, Bangalore University, India.