Business Analytics Specialization Requirement and Course Updates

| July 14, 2020
Submitted by Sandie Kantor

This update is specifically for our Business Analytics Specialization students. For all other MBA students, we are reviewing all oversubscribed MBA courses and we will be communicating additional course adjustments soon.

Business Analytics Specialization Update

We have received emails from a number of you about your inability to register in some Business Analytics courses. We hear you, and we are reviewing data and making changes to meet these unexpected registration patterns.

Here is what we have done so far:

  • We added four new courses to the roster: K724, K725, O721 and O735.
  • The requirements for completing the Business Analytics Specialization have been changed to give students more flexibility in their course choices.
  • The new requirement is that a student must complete the six required core courses listed in the calendar, plus any three electives from any of the tracks.

Please note: This is different from what is in the calendar (which specifies that all three electives must be from a single track) but this change was recently approved by the necessary University officials, and it takes precedence over what is in the calendar.

In the meantime, please do the following:

  • Put yourself on the waiting list for any courses you want but cannot get into.
  • Monitor your registrations regularly to make sure you keep up to date with changes as they occur.

We apologize for any of these challenges you may be experiencing. The demand for analytics courses has been much stronger than anticipated and we will continue to make the necessary adjustments. Thank you for your continued respectful feedback.

If you have questions, please email

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