Missing Coursework? The MSAF Tool is on Mosaic

| September 23, 2022
Submitted by Karina Almeida for Student Experience - Academic

We know that students occasionally require relief from academic work for medical or other personal reasons. Familiarize yourself with the policies and how to use the tools.

Requesting Relief for Missed Coursework Worth 24% or Less: The MSAF (McMaster Student Absence Form) tool is available in the Mosaic Student Center in the drop-down menu under Other Academics.

To submit a Request for Relief via MSAF:

  • Use the MSAF self-reporting tool (no further documentation is required)
  • An automated email will be sent to the course instructor, who will determine the appropriate relief. Students must immediately follow up with their instructors. Failure to do so may negate the opportunity for relief
  • Students may only submit one MSAF per term
  • An MSAF cannot be used to meet a religious obligation or to celebrate an important religious holiday (see RISO process below).

Requesting Relief for Missed Coursework Worth 25% or Higher: Fill out the NOA (Notification of Absence) form and submit it to buscom@mcmaster.ca. You have five (5) business days from the date of the missed coursework to complete this process.

Religious, Indigenous, or Spiritual Observances (RISO) accommodations: Students are expected to submit a RISO Form accordingly for the accommodation needed.

What you need to know:

  • Students experiencing technical difficulties at the time of the test should contact their instructor immediately and should not submit a Request for Relief via MSAF or NOA.
  • MSAFs or NOAs cannot be used for academic work that has already been completed or attempted. Attempting online work includes opening a test/quiz on Avenue to Learn or another platform.

Questions? Email buscom@mcmaster.ca.

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