TECHNATION: Start Up Skills & Indigenous Professional Career Fair

| January 31, 2023
Submitted by Alex Cotoc for DeGroote School of Business
This message does not apply to part-time students.

Join TECHNATION for the StartUp Skills Series, where they invite guest speakers to discuss relevant topics for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The NeuroScience of Sales Artistry: Generating Influence stems from positioning ourselves as the usual suspect and obvious choice.

Part 1 – Thursday, February 9

  • Time: 4 – 5 pm (ET)
  • Details: In this session, we’ll harness the power of the Amygdala and how infusing emotion into our logic will help you and more importantly your audience feel like selecting you will have a win win outcome!

Part 2 – Thursday, February 16

  • Time: 4 – 5 pm (ET)
  • Details: In this session, we’ll introduce a 3rd reaction to the Fight or Flight response and learn the role Homeostasis plays in securing a Yes or NO from our audience.

CTAs That Matter: An old proverb suggests, “We have not because we ask not!”. Every great outreach (sales or marketing) will include a CTA (Call to Action) but the key is to also Clarify the Ask.

Part 1 – Wednesday, March 2

  • Time: 4 – 5 pm (ET)
  • Details: In this session, we’ll focus on anticipating the audience’s roadblocks and effectively eliminate barriers to securing the objective of your presentation.

Part 2 – Thursday, March 9

  • Time: 4 – 5 pm (ET)
  • Details: In this session, we’ll learn how to skillfully leverage WIFM to lead our horses to the waters we want them to drink from!

Indigenous Professionals Career Fair: Join us for a gathering of talent and industry at our second annual Indigenous Professionals Career Fair

Wednesday, February 15

  • Time: 4 – 6 pm (ET)
  • Details: We are targeting Indigenous post-secondary or recent graduates from across Canada, but everyone is welcome. The event will be a virtual, two-hour Career Fair with an opening speaker, panel discussion, career fair expo booths and networking rooms.
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