‘Virtual Classroom’ vs. ‘Online’ Terminology in Mosaic

| April 15, 2020
Submitted by Alexis Maynard for Student Experience - Academic (BCom)

When searching for Spring/Summer 2020 term classes in Mosaic, you may have noticed two similar terms being used in the mode of instruction: ‘Virtual Classroom’ and ‘Online’.

‘Virtual Classroom’ refers to any class that was originally scheduled as in-person, which has now moved to an online format.

‘Online’ refers to classes that were always intended to be online.

Please note: When a course is specified as  ‘Online self-study’ with no dates and times, this means that is asynchronous (self-paced).

Since all Spring/Summer classes are being offered in an online format, the real difference between the two terms is how the class was originally planned to be offered.


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6 thoughts on "‘Virtual Classroom’ vs. ‘Online’ Terminology in Mosaic"

  1. Carmen Rachelle Bian says:

    I still don’t understand the difference. My virtual class has times like mon 630-930 pm. Does this mean I have to log in during those times to see material ? Will materials not be available online if I don’t attend the virtual class?

  2. sarah says:

    Did you find out the answer to this?

  3. Alexis Maynard says:

    We recommend that you connect with your course instructor to confirm how the course will be delivered! It may also be published in your course outline.

  4. Susan Depenau says:

    What’s the difference between ‘online’ and ‘online – self study’? My class is offered as all three options… virtual class room, online and online – self study.

  5. Sandie Kantor says:

    Hi Susan,

    If a course is specified as “online” or “virtual classroom” and is listed with dated and times, then it is a synchronous course meaning that there are specific virtual live components that you will be required to attend.

    If a course is listed as “online – self study” with no dates and times, and instead just specifies ONLINE in the Date & time section, this means that the course is asynchronous (aka. self paced).

    We would suggest that you reach out to the instructor, or look up a current course outline by googling the course name to verify.

  6. Zedroid says:

    If I were to register in the middle of a term for online Self Study would that mean I have less time to finish? Only being allowed to enrol before January 15 and March 15 means a lot of time wasted during the wait from June/August until January for my 5 month accounting courses

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