What to Expect: Networking with DeGroote Students

January 23, 2018 | Hamilton
Contributed by Kevin Linger

With year-round networking events designed to connect qualified students with employers, DeGroote provides a deep pool of candidates for the business community. If you were unable to attend the Commerce Internship Program’s Career Night last week, keep reading for a better understanding of what you missed.

Relevant Experience

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DeGroote prides itself on having a diverse group of students, possessing a range of relevant experience. Many students engage in summer internships, developing business skills for organizations like Scotiabank or KPMG. Others leverage their experience in the retail or restaurant industries to develop soft skills that are valuable in any role.

Well Prepared

“Where is your office located?” is not a question that is commonly asked at DeGroote events. Our students go deeper, meeting with recruiters to understand what makes an organization tick. Recruiters should be ready to answer questions about development opportunities within an organization, how to best prepare applications for the role, and what excites employees about their organizations.

Great Candidates

DeGroote is a leading business school, and is proud of the skills students develop throughout their time here. Students graduate with a strong understanding of all core business disciplines, including finance, accounting, operations, marketing, and human resources. Employers are consistently impressed with the talent available at the school, and regularly choose to participate in both post-graduate recruitment and internship opportunities.

Demonstrated Leadership

DeGroote students are eager to prove themselves within and beyond the classroom. Through MARS Apprentice, participants compete head to head every week pitching solutions to real world issues faced by companies like Microsoft and Canadian Tire. Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec, a national case competition hosted by DeGroote students, calls itself the ‘un-classroom’ because it focuses solStudents on Tabletely on testing the application of knowledge and skills. McMaster is also home to the largest university clubs network in Canada, with over 300 student groups. DeGroote students have gained a well earned reputation of being shakers and movers within these organizations.

Engaged Students

When DeGroote hosts a networking event, students eagerly take on the opportunity. During last week’s Career Night, over 150 students chose to attend, representing a sizable field of potential candidates for employers.

Diverse Employers

Ford, the Ministry of Transportation, Fujifilm, and Pfizer are just a few examples of companies that choose to attend DeGroote networking events. When organizations come to campus, they have the opportunity to recruit alongside a diverse range of employers, coming from a host of different industries and backgrounds.

Feel Excited?

Contact Caroline Roberts for more information on how to participate in networking events at DeGroote.


Kevin LingerThanks for reading!

I’m Kevin, and I’m a fifth year DeGroote undergraduate commerce student. I am also enrolled in my second semester of Mac CCE’s Digital Marketing program. I spent my fourth year completing a 14-month internship, and I am now DeGroote’s newest Digital Marketing Intern.

You can find me refilling my eighth cup of coffee in the DSB café, going for a run through Westdale, making cringe-worthy Dad jokes, or playing a very mediocre game of squash.

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