In the News: Employers Turn to McMaster Program to Boost Their Workers’ Executive Potential

April 4, 2023 | Hamilton, ON
Contributed by The Globe and Mail Content Studio

In Windsor, the local government faces a looming exodus. One in five employees are eligible for retirement in the next five years. That means a lot of expertise will leave the workplace, says Onorio Colucci. As chief administrative officer for the City of Windsor, he needs to prepare the next team of leaders. To do it, he turned for help to the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont.

“Most organizations are feeling the pinch in replacing leaders and all that knowledge going out the door. This was the impetus behind choosing to have staff attend Executive Education training at DeGroote. When our people come back from the program, they talked about the skills they acquired around diversity and inclusion, tapping into the power of emotional intelligence to lead with confidence, and increasing resilience. These skills are of incredible value to us as an organization, today and in the future.”

Canada’s workplaces are facing a range of pressures, from an aging labour force to skills gaps. In an uncertain time for many organizations, employers and employees alike are looking for ways to change. For employers, that can mean having personnel who continually drive value and understand their learning gaps. For employees, it can mean expanding their tool box and enhancing opportunities for leadership development.

DeGroote’s Executive Education programs offer training in areas such as strategic thinking, negotiations, data analytics and managing change. Participants emerge ready to apply their learning in a practical way, for the benefit of their careers and their employers.

One part of the Executive Education offerings is an executive management program developed by McMaster faculty and leading industry experts. DeGroote also customizes programs based on specific needs, be it for a leadership position, an organizational requirement, or to suit a unique corporate culture. Courses can be delivered virtually or in-person, and are often designed so that people can complete them by fitting them into their busy schedules.

In the last two years, 111 employees at the City of Windsor have gone through Executive Education at DeGroote. They include high-potential and emerging leaders, and even some seasoned leaders who are committed to lifelong learning, and represent areas from finance to HR to planning. Mr. Colucci says additional employees are already inquiring about signing up for the next offering.

“When people are knocking at your door asking when the next courses are starting, it’s the sign of effective teaching,” he says.

Read the full article in The Globe and Mail.

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