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Milena Head and Paula Gardner: Equal representation of women in tech
April 27, 2021

Equal representation of women in tech

Two viewpoints from the faculties of business and humanities about how to increase the inclusion of women in tech community.

Milena Head
March 18, 2021

Milena Head receives Dr. S. J. Basu Teaching Award

Professor Milena Head is one of DeGroote's professors who received a teaching award in the MBA Program.

DeGroote COVID researchers
November 8, 2020

Researchers advance our understanding of the implications of COVID-19

DeGroote's world-leading experts are researching the impact of the global coronavirus outbreak.

Knowledge Lab with Milena Head
August 21, 2020

Knowledge Labs: In the Know with Milena Head

This week's In the Know: Professor Milena Head talks about the signs of cyberbullying.

Khaled Hassanein showing Nour El Shamy something on computer screens
March 6, 2020

Research on digital transformation

The McMaster Digital Transformation Research Centre (MDTRC) is at the forefront of research in Canada.

Britney Hawkins
June 11, 2019

Growing professionally and personally: Meet DeGroote valedictorian Britney Hawkins

"Success is many things to me. Most prominently, success is defined by the difference I am able to make for others."

Tanya Walker
January 3, 2017

Law abiding citizen: Tanya Walker is one of Toronto’s top litigators

Alumna Tanya Walker wanted to become a successful Bay Street lawyer. She knew a DeGroote Commerce degree would help get her there.