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Farnaz Ghaedipour, PhD program
September 27, 2021

Day in the Life with Farnaz Ghaedipour

Farnaz shares more about her research and four photos that represent her life as a PhD student at DeGroote.

Rachel West and her Mom
May 15, 2021

Days of Life with Rachel West

Rachel shares what she has learned about this past year and the qualities she aspires to develop next.

Sarah Rotella talking to her peers
May 13, 2021

Days of life with Sarah Rotella

Sarah shares what the DeGroote community means to her in her final year at DeGroote and what is she is looking forward to next.

Megha Tretha, Let's practice motivation and love
May 12, 2021

Days of life with Megha Tretha

Megha shares the acts of kindness she has witnessed as a MBA student and how she defines her purpose as a leader.

Chloe's Asselstine holding Brain Cancer Canada bags
May 11, 2021

Days of Life with Chloe Asselstine

Chloe shares what acts of generosity she has observed in her first year at DeGroote and how she plans to change the world.

Headshot of Jennifer Ho
September 1, 2020

Focusing on the human aspects of organizations

Meet Jennifer Ho, a Ph.D. candidate in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources, who wants to drive positive organizational behaviour.